Recommended Partners

‘Alone, we can do little; together, we can do much’

Sports Nutritionist

Laura Williamson Personal Trainer

Laura Williamson
(MSc, BSc)

Laura is a registered Sport & Exercise Nutritionist with the British Dietetic Association.

She can help you build muscle, lose fat, develop strength and condition your body. 

Laura is also a qualified Personal Trainer and has a background in Judo. 

Contact Laura for a free consultation.  

Sports Psychologist

Dr Mark Elliott
(PsyD, MSc, BSSc Hons)

Dr Mark Elliott is a Chartered Sport Psychologist in private practice.  

Considered one of Ireland’s top sport psychologists, Mark has helped his clients to break records and to win tournaments at national, international and world levels. 

He has also acted as Sport Psychology Consultant to the Sports Institute Northern Ireland (SINI).

Knee Consultants

The Knee Clinic Belfast

Mr Connolly is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, specialising in the knee joint.  

He based at The Belfast Knee Clinic for consultations and performs surgery at the Ulster Independent Clinic.  

We refer clients to him for management of meniscus injuries, torn cruciate ligaments  and fractures.  

MRI Scans

Alliance Medical MRI Belfast

Alliance Medical

If you need an MRI scan, we can refer you to Alliance Medical, based at Musgrave Park Hospital.  

Scans are available within a few days and we get the results back from the Radiologist within 2-5 days.  

They are usually required to help diagnose a serious injury and help to decide on the best course of action.  

To get a scan, a Physiotherapy assessment is required first and a referral made if required. 

Bike Fitting

Bicycle Coffee Shop Belfast

Bicycle Coffee Shop

Professional bike fitting for everyone!  

From roadies to sportive riders, triathletes and mountain bikers, our professional bike fitting service suits everyone. A bike fit can help improve performance, reduce the chance of injury and maximise enjoyment on the bike.

At Bicycle Coffee Shop we use Retül dynamic fitting technology to get the most accurate position on your bike.