Top Tips To Stay Hydrated When Playing Sport

TOP TIPS to stay hydrated when playing sport ??

This is so important as our bodies are made up of 70% fluid. A 2% loss of body weight due to sweat loss reduces our physical performance, particularly endurance.

✔️It is more effective to drink small amounts over a long period compared to large amounts over a short period

✔️Use the urine colour chart to find out your hydration status and drink accordingly

✔️Weight yourself before and after exercise to measure how much fluid you have lost through sweat

✔️For every pound of weight lost, you need to drink at least 500ml to rehydrate

✔️Did you know that MILK is the most effective drink to rehydrate? It also contains protein, carbohydrate and electrolytes

✔️Chill your drinks in the fridge or put ice cubes in them, this will encourage you to drink more fluids

✔️And finally, skip that post workout pint, alcohol with more than 2% concentration affects rehydration

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